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Over 45 Years of Partnering with our Clients

Estate planning

Organize your life with a clear plan for managing your life and possessions and for passing your legacy on to the next generation.

Corporate law

Set up your business in the correct manner and protect yourself and the business successes you have worked so hard to obtain.

asset protection

You earned your assets. Protect them. Set up your assets in a manner that protects them and allows you full use and enjoyment.

About Us

We work with high net-worth clients and help them to put in place the personal, business and asset protection vehicles that allow them to have peace of mind.

We have extensive experience in Estate Planning, Corporate Law and Asset Protection. Our goal is that our clients set up their lives correctly and are able to fulfill their dreams.

We have successfully helped our clients achieve their goals for over 45  years.  

secure your legacy

Our goal is to assist our clients in securing their legacy for their lifetime and to be able to pass it to the next generation according to their desires.


You control your assets and determine who gets them when you pass away


Set up your business enties in the correct manner


Protect your assets so they cannot be taken from you

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